Friday, February 6, 2015

Meet a Bisexual Partner

When you found your partner is bisexual, how did you feel? Confused? Angry? Unbelievable? and why?

Yeah, many people should be shocked if the partner tell them he/she is a bisexual. Does he/she love me? He/She does not love me again, otherwise why he/she love the friends with same gender? He/She is not loyal to me. There may be lots of thoughts like these.

If you still love your partner,I think it's not a good way to break up with your partner. He/She is confused, too. And if he/she come out with you, it is a good explanation that he/she loves you, too. So accept him/her at the first, and show him/her you love him/her. If you can, support him/her. If you cannot endure he/she be together with her homosexual partner, you can go out and avoid seeing their date. If you are a open-minded people, get together with them. Maybe it will be more fun, right?

Well,maybe there is a question that where to meet a bisexual partner can join you couple. In reality, it's difficult to ask someone if he/she could join you couple to have romantic love. So you can search on the internet and join the bisexual dating site. Here recommend you some sites, and hope you enjoy it.

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